Writting for Us.

We accept articles form you if you are interested in writting for Us.
All you Have to do when writing for us is to  ensure that your articles 
meets up with content standard format of  article Writing.

The content article standard format we accept.

Before we accept your article it must align
with the standard of content writing
before applying or writing for Us these are some
and the most  important standard your article must follow before we accept it

The content must not be a copy and paste stuff.
The content must be free of plagiarism on check by Us or upon check  by a member.

When will your Article be publish by US.

As soon as we get your article we start the preview and review process.
upon completion of that process when analyze the article one more time
And that all your article is ready to been seen by our audience as well as
our subscribers

How long will your article stay on our website.

Your article stays on our website for longer than you can imagine 
we will want not  to delete your article since it has pass
the content verification process
As deleting your content will lead to a 404 error on our website and that something we don’t want so there is no reason for we to delete your article.
But there case where we get warning from google about that publish artilce 
Then a push out or delete of that content becomes as option.

How do you submit artilce to Us.

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