How to put Ads on your wordpress website

Have you monetize your blog or you are about to                            and have said to yourself that i am going to  monetize                    my website/blog with selling of ads space on  my blog.                        That is fine and a nice idea                                                                  as the money gotten from any form of monetization                        on your website/blog can be able to cover up for                          your web hosting and domain renewal when they expires.

In this article we will cover up
topic related to monetizing your blog with by simplifying ads on your website/blog
1.why you should run ads on your website.
2.Rule to follow when doing . to run ads on my website.

1.Why you should run ads on your website

there are many reason secondary reasons as to why you want to monetize your website/blog but the primary reason is to make money online in respective of the monetization method you use
one other reason why you runs ads on your blog aside money money online is that as your traffic over your year of blogging as increase and grow running ads spring the popularity more of your website/blog even beyond more you can imagine and sometimes beyond your targeted geo location

2.Rule to follow when running Ads on your website/blog .
when you deci to run Ads on your website/blog                                    i strongly recommend you to follow some of this so rule                   so as not to have a negative  SEO impact on your website/blog        in return as base on your decision to make money

Rule 1: Do not accept  spamy website
Rule2: Don’t be quick to accept any website carry out an  investigate
on those website before accepting them into your Ads space.
Rule 3: Don’t give do follow to those website  expect you feel like even if you feel like doing it remember rule number 2 to run ads on my website.
Now the important part of the blog post or what you have been searching for on the internet
note that the blog post how to runs ads on your website is base on the wordpress CMS in other words  what we mean is that if your website/blog is built using the content management system called wordpress then this guide is for you 
how to run ads on your wordpress blog.
since wordpress is a CMS built on PHP  and it uses plugin as it automatic method of adding functionality to a website/blog
we will run ads on our blog post with the use of wordpress plugin
if you might have forgotten when a plugin is
here is a quick reminder by definition of a plugin

A plugin is define as a piece of code add to your website/blog to add functionality to your wordpress website
In most case or as a beginner you don’t have to know the code or  the programming  language the plugin is written in for you to apply them

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