How to create a wordpress website.

How to create a wordpress website is of high important today
As wordpress becomes more intuitive the demand for a wordpress website/blog is on the rise by many client
even those who are not using wordpress as their CMS are migrating their blog over to wordpress as their CMS

Not only that, as some are acquiring the skill of becoming a wordpress expert, nice we say for learning the curve of WP
for those who don’t know what we are saying let give you a definition of the keyword used in the article which are
How to
It is a way of doing something
To make something
Wordpress is a Content Management System for developing a website creating a webpage will required you to code and run code but a CMS is an already coded system for you.
A website is a collection of webpage which can view via a web browser
In full defintion of the blog post of how to create a wordpress website will be how to make or develop a webpage with the CMS called wordpress which can be view using a web browser
if you have no idea of what a web browser is a tool or software that is used to access the world wide web(www).
example of web browsers are;
opera mini
chrome browser

How to create a wordpress website.
In creating a wordpress website the step below are to be put into consideration which are
1getting a domain name
2Getting a web hosting company
3.Installing WordPress.
4.choose a wordpress theme
5.custominzing your website. 6.Install wordpress plugin. 7.Create your wordpress website/blog webpage.

1.Getting a domain name.
You will have to get a domain name if you don’t have one
then registering a domain name will be done via a domain registrar

A domain is the address people type into a web browser to reach your website

2.Getting a good web hosting company.
There are many web hosting company out there
aside that you need to find one that fix in and meet the requirement you want for a web hosting but if you are a beginner have no worry about how to get a good web host as we will list below 5 things that makes up a Good web hosting company

2.1 Customer service/support.
Customer support as offer by a web hosting company is important
No matter how good you are at web design you must need
your web host support someday
you have no issue with them for now yes don’t mean you would have issue with your web host or website or have issue with some technical issue with your website beyond your control than you can handle
At when we wanted to upload a piece of code to our website backend to disable the plugin and theme editor we though we were good enough in regard uploading the code
Not until we uploaded the code in the right place but the wrong way in which we uploaded the code after the close tag
and it triggers a wordpress errors
at this point our knowledge failed us and we were force to contact our web host and we contacted them on a live chat which took About 30 minutes to resolve the issue;
Know the best customer service/support your web host offer
knowing the best customer support your web host offer
Saves you time in regard how to contact your web host customer care
What are the customer service/support a web hosting should offer
Social media customer support service
Some web hosting are very slow in reply to support on social media
infact their rating on social media customer support is poor
While some have a very fast respond.
Gmail customer support
Live chat support
support ticket
2.3.Back up.
2.4.Up and Down time.

3.Installing wordpress. Since you are choosing word press as your CMS you will have to install it on your website. There are three ways of installing wordpress on your website there are. Installing wordpress automatic. Installing wordpress manually. Installing wordpress via a local host

4.Choose a wordpress theme.
After wordpress installation Choosing a wordpress theme for your
after installation of wordpress customize your wordpress website/blog.

5.Choosng a wordpress Plugin
After installing a wordpress theme on your website
There will be need to install a wordpress plugin
So as add a functionality to your wordpress website/blog

6.Create your wordpress website/blog webpage.

You will have to create a wordpress webpage or create pages so as to give your audience an head up into how your wordpress website can be navigated and information fetched out by your visitors.

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