14 theme checker for a website theme

After choosing a CMS for your website development project
it is necessary to install a theme or upload a theme to your website/blog
so you can use it for your website front end 
giving your frontend a very nice appearance 
as  someone who is new person in the Web development world you may have no theme in mind to use
or you may want to use a theme you saw on a website
but you don’t known to get the name of theme you saw on that website and use it on your website

Our recommendation is that please don’t contact the website owner even if you can get their contact detail
Using a WHOIS service to get their contact email
and phone number some company or website owner see that act as spamming contacting them just to known the name of the theme they use on their website front end
it was for his reason as to help you know the name of a theme that appears on a website front end we wrote this article

But before that let take a look at the keyword used in this blog post which are.        

 Theme checker   
A theme checker is a tools that can be used to check what theme a website is using.

Website theme.
These is a theme a website is using on their front end
 If you are changing a theme to a new one I recommend you do a complete back up before proceeding with your changes

14 unique theme checker tools for checking  a website theme.

https://gochyu.com https://gochyu.com
gochyu is our number one theme checker or theme dictator  tools as they not only dictate the theme of a particular CMS only but they dictate a CMS a website is using some as well.
 An interesting fact about these tool is that
They dictate up to seven other CMS website theme namely
WordPress theme 
Shopify theme  
joomla template theme


These is among one of the official website of  wordpress
they provide the ability to check a website theme in the link below so you get an head up into what the name of a website theme name.
WordPress theme checker.

www isitwp com


these is another great tools to check a website theme 










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